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Geneva Public Library hires new Library Director

The Geneva Public Library will have a new Director beginning Monday, February 14. Pauline Lynch Shostack will replace Chris Finger, who left the position in October.

Ms. Shostack has been the Emerging Technologies librarian at the Coulter Library at Onondaga Community College, as well as a professor at the college. She is an award-winning, highly published librarian with decades of experience in teaching and working in higher education and in local libraries. The Board was impressed with her interpersonal skills along with her experience in managing libraries, electronic resources, educational technology, web design, maker education, and event planning. She is the co-producer of the Maker Faire Syracuse and is passionate about promoting lifelong learning through community based activities and events.

Geneva Public Library Board Chairwoman Santa Abraham, who led the Director search committee, said, “Pauline has all the expertise required to be a successful Director and so much more in the way of personal and professional skills that will benefit our community.”