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Breakfast shortage?

This breakfast product is about to change.

Breakfast cereal bowl

A lot of our favorite things have been harder to come by in stores lately.

For this breakfast item its about to get easier!

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Breakfast is back!

Through out this pandemic we’ve dealt with a lot of grocery price changes.

Or products going out of stock.

A lot of these of these items have been some of our favorites.

And have also included some of our pantry staples.

Some of the next products to have short supply are going to be the following.

  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Meat
  • Champagne

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This next part is good news

What’s the quickest option for breakfast.

Odds are the first thing to come to mind is cereal.

Theirs at least one cereal for everyone out there.

With a variety of brands and shapes you can pretty much get any kind of cereal you could want.

That being said you may have noticed this past year.

That it may have been more difficult to find your breakfast go to.

This was most likely due to 1,400 employees at 4 Kellogg Company plants going on strike.

This strike lasted nearly 3 months.

In order to advocate for increased wages and better benefits.

Thankfully workers were offered new contracts around Christmas.

This means the strike is over and they are back to work.

Which is good new for all of you cereal lovers.

Luckily cereal will now start to get easier to find again.

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