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ALDI: 150 new store openings

150 new ALDI stores are being opened

ALDI's store

ALDI is one of the best stores for discount groceries.

They’re now opening 150 new locations.

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Grocery shopping: How to save money

ALDI’s new stores

This is one of the best grocery stores to go to if you’re trying to save money.

Most of us have one kind of close to us.

But for those of you who don’t this should come as good news for you.

ALDI is set to open 150 new locations by the end of this year.

Currently the grocery chain is working on open the following

  • 3 store in New York
  • 4 stores in Illinois
  • 4 stores in Florida
  • 3 stores in Arizona

Not only are they working on increasing their locations.

But they are also working to offer curbside pickup to 300 locations.

By the end of this expansion ALDI will have locations in 38 states.

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