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Cryptocurrency: Shiba Inu coin rises over 50%

Cryptocurrency traders were worried as the year started and Shiba Inu didn’t seem to be doing so well, but it appears to be on the rebound.

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Cryptocurrency lost $1 trillion in value in just one week in January.

Last Tuesday, according to Marca, Shiba Inu rose 12% making its weekly rise 52%.

That’s higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum by over 30%.

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The value of Shiba Inu is currently $17.9 billion dollars.

It is the 13th most valuable crypto coin in the market now at $0.00003277 per coin.

How did Shiba Inu recovery in the crypto market?

There were a few changes that worked out in Shiba Inu’s favor.

First, a blockchain solutions provider started working with the Shiba Inu community.

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The provider is out of Singapore and has worked with Google and Amazon in the past.

Unification is the name of the company. It has developed a two layer blockchain built on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Shiba Inu partnered with a burger restaurant called Welly’s which is be the only Shiba Inu cryptocurrency themed restaurant in the community.

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