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IRS: Facial recognition plan no longer happening

The IRS recently announced they would be using facial recognition for their program. That plan has been scrapped.

tax return to submit to the IRS, who has recently ended plans for facial recognition

The announcement to end plans was made Monday after advocates and lawmakers criticized the move.

The facial recognition was set to begin in summer of 2022.

Taxpayers would need to provide a photo of themselves to create facial recognition in order to log in to the services offered, like the child tax credit portal.

How to avoid delays in your refund

The concerns raised included the threat of it becoming a target for cyber security issues.

The IRS has said they will no longer be requiring facial recognition but will instead create additional authentication layers to protect identities of taxpayers.

Can I still get my tax refund without the IRS facial recognition?

The IRS shared that their decision to scrap the plan has no impact on anyone’s ability to receive their refund.

Americans will still receive their refunds in the time they were supposed to.

They can also still pay their tax bill online through the IRS.

=You need to claim child tax credit even with advanced payments

Jan. 24 was the first day the IRS started accepting tax returns.

It is asked you be sure your information is entirely accurate before submitting your return.

Any inaccurate submissions could result in major delays.

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