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Papa Johns is doing what?

This is be exciting new for all Papa Johns fans.

Papa Johns pizza

How likely are you to order pizza from Papa Johns this Super Bowl Sunday?

What if we told you it could come with a free year supply?

Domino’s is doing what?

Papa Johns pizza give away

The chain is teaming up with Mark Sanchez, former quarterback of the New York Jets.

The two are working together to launch a two week long pizza sweepstakes.

The grand prize will be a years worth of free pizza.

Given that about 12.5 million pizzas are ordered on this game day.

You probably wouldn’t be going out of your way to join this sweepstakes.

How to enter Papa Johns sweepstakes

In order to enter its pretty easy.

All you’ll need to do is go on Twitter or Instagram.

Then from there make a post about your preferred pizza-eating style.

The use the hashtags #whatsyourstyle#sweepstakes.

Let the company know do you fold your slice?

Crust or no crust?

This is definitely going to be something fun to partake in this Super Bowl Sunday for all you pizza lovers.

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