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Attractions of the province of Ontario

Ontario is one of the most intriguing provinces in Canada to visit from a visitor’s standpoint. That’s why it is so good at attracting many tourists each year. In addition to more than one hundred natural preserves, there are several unique attractions and modern cities to explore. The two most significant cities in Canada, Ottawa and the big megapolis Toronto are in Ontario state. As reported by, Canada has a tremendous, fast-growing tourism and entertainment market.

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is a collection of government buildings and a park in the heart of Ottawa that comprises a number of federal buildings and a big park. As you know, Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and these historic buildings still serve as a place for meeting ambassadors and presidents from other countries. This place holds many celebrations of significant political events and national festivals around the year. It has many monuments, sculptures, and picnic pavilions for visitors to enjoy.

Canada’s Wonderland

In Canada’s Wonderland, visitors are awed by the stunning attractions that it offers. This place offers the most comprehensive collection of roller coasters than any other place in the world, ensuring that everyone may find a ride that they enjoy.

The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower is a well-known structure. It is 554 meters high, and it also has a spire on top of it. The TV tower fulfills its primary function while also as a great attraction place. There are various viewing platforms, the largest of which is 340 meters in height. The observation deck is equipped with a glass floor, which can be very exciting for people who are frightened of heights. The view from the tower will continue to astonish and thrill you even after the sun has set.

The Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a legendary attraction that has stood the test of time. It is an absolute must-see as it is the most recognizable sight in Canada, as well as the whole world. It consists of three waterfalls. The view from the Canadian side is the most spectacular.

National and Provincial Parks of Ontario

If you are going to visit Ontario, know that there are several lovely parks where you can spend a lot of quality time with your family. Algonquin Provincial Park is the best of them. The park’s woods and rivers are stunningly vast and expand to a total land area of more than seven thousand km2. It is located in a transition zone between coniferous and deciduous woods. There are many lakes, beaver dams, and ancient rocks around the area. Everywhere you look, there is a diverse collection of creatures and plants, some of which are rather distinctive.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands National Park and Preserve is a popular tourist destination in both Canada and the United States. It’s a collection of islands that stretches along the St. Lawrence River and shares a border with two states. The archipelago stretches over 80 kilometers and has almost two thousand small islands. Travelers usually do motorboat tours around the place. From the boat, you can see a lot of islands and maybe even go to some of them.

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