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Ultra Heater Reviews: Scam Report About Ultra Heater? Must Check!

Most folks dread the winter season as it comes with high utility bills. A poor heating system makes the cold season more miserable. Also, traditional heating systems are high maintenance, expensive, and not flexible.

A sound heating system can save you hundreds of bucks annually. However, there are limited heaters that are effective, affordable, and durable. 

Ultra Heater is a new mini heater designed to keep you comfortable all winter long.

Built as an upgraded space heater, Ultra Heater heats up in just 5 seconds to provide effective heating anywhere in your home, office, dorm room, or other space.

Does Ultra Heater live up to the hype? How does Ultra Heater work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Ultra Heater and how it works.

Ultra Heater is a portable heating system only available on its official website. Is it effective? Does it save energy?

What is an Ultra Heater? (Ultra Heater Reviews)

Ultra Heater advertises it can make the deadliest winter a bliss. It is an innovative mini-heater that is 100% portable and does not occupy much space. 

Additionally, Ultra Heater has a sleek, compact design, a robust fan, and overheat protection. Equally, it is easy to maintain and does not require technical experience to operate it.

Today, heating large spaces that are not in use is expensive and unaffordable. Mini heaters such as Ultra Heater could be a great option in small spaces like studio apartments. 

They enable you to heat only the rooms that are in use hence reducing the power bills. Additionally, Ultra Heater effectively heats localized areas like cold feet, or you need to heat a freezing room in your house.

The space heater features a powerful fan, overheat protection, and a compact design. Just turn on the Ultra Heater and it will pump out heat in seconds.

Instead of paying to heat your entire home all winter, you can heat a smaller space with Ultra Heater. Or, if you need to keep your feet warm, heat up a chilly part of your home, or stay comfortable on an enclosed patio, you can use Ultra Heater to do it.

Ultra Heater appeared online in November 2021. The product is backed by dozens of 5-star reviews and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Ultra Heater Manufacturing Specifications (Ultra Heater Reviews)

Unfortunately, there is limited information about the Ultra Heater’s technical specifications. Still, below are facts about Ultra Heater and how it works.

Flame Retardant Body Present

Power Consumption 400W

Energy Saving Technology Present

Dimensions 10cm wide and 17cm high

Smart Temperature Control Present

Intelligent Power-off Present

Noise Frequency 56 Decibels

How does Ultra Heater Function? (Ultra Heater Reviews)

The Ultra Heater uses the exact operating mechanisms as popular heaters in retail or online stores. You do not need technical skills to install and run it. After getting your Ultra Heater, assemble all the parts and plug them into a power source. 

After turning it on, it takes about five seconds to start heating up. It transcends typical space heaters as it is smaller in size -it is not bulky, heavy, or oversized.

The manufacturer describes Ultra Heater as the size of a loaf of bread. It measures 4” wide and 6” tall, listing it among the smallest portable heaters currently available. However, its small size does not lower its functionality. 

Ultra Heater maker assures consumers it can heat a small-sized room like a dorm room or bedroom in less than 15 minutes. It runs almost noiselessly and cannot affect any tasks that require silence, like studying or sleeping.

Ultra Heater Features & Benefits (Ultra Heater Reviews)

Ultra Heater has several features that distinguish it from other space heaters, including:

Compact and Lightweight Design: Ultra Heater is smaller than a typical space heater. It’s 4” wide and 6.6” tall, or about the size of a small loaf of bread. You can easily bring it with you wherever you go. Instead of dragging it from room to room, you can place it on a desk, leave it at your feet, or even take it in your car, among other unconventional places where you normally wouldn’t use a space heater.

Overheating Protection: Ordinary space heaters can overhead, creating a fire hazard. Ultra Heater works differently, making it perfect for families with pets and active toddlers. The device features overheating protection and a flame retardant body.

Powerful Fan: Some space heaters have a weak fan that gently distributes air around the room. Ultra Heater, however, has a powerful fan that pushes heat away from your unit, allowing you to heat up the room quickly.

Pump Out Heat in Seconds: You shouldn’t need to wait for a space heater to heat up. Instead, you should feel it start to work instantly. Ultra Heater pumps out heat in seconds, and it takes only about 5 seconds for the device to start creating high heat. It’s one of the faster space heaters on the market.

Cost Savings: Heating an entire home is expensive. Running your HVAC system all winter can lead to high gas and heating bills. Ultra Heater lets you heat up the area of your home that you’re using – nothing more. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per month to heat your home all winter, you can pay to heat up the areas you’re actually using.

Ultra Quiet: Some space heaters are loud and make it difficult to sleep. Ultra Heater, however, was designed to be extra quiet. The space heater helps you sleep better at night with its ultra quiet design. You can read, work, or listen to music without being disturbed thanks to the low-noise heater.

Ultra Heater also has a timed shutoff. When the temperature reaches a comfortable level, the Ultra Heater will stop.

How to Set-Up the Ultra Heater (Ultra Heater Reviews)

You do not need to have the technical know-how to operate the Ultra Heater. The heater has an inbuilt coil. After plugging your unit onto electricity, the coil starts heating up. 

The fan within the heater starts distributing the warm air out, which increases the room temperature. The automatic shut-off feature allows the heater to auto-stop after running for a long time or when you forget to shut it off.

How much power does the Ultra Heater use? (Ultra Heater Reviews)

Ultra Heater is energy efficient as it uses 400W of power. The amount of power it uses is equivalent to four light bulbs making the heating system way cheaper than the lighting system. Running an Ultra Heater is affordable and effective regardless of how many hours you allow it to run.

Pros And Cons of the Ultra Portable heater:

Pros of Ultra Heater (Ultra Heater Reviews)


Very easy to use.

Fit for anyone including children.

Discount is available.

Fast speed.

Long lasting effect.

30-Days Money back guarantee.

Smart temperature control.

Cons of Ultra Heater (Ultra Heater Reviews)

Ultraheater can only be purchased on the original site of the manufacturer.

There are very few Ultra Heaters available due to limited stock available.

How Much Does an Ultra Heater Cost? (Ultra Heater Reviews)

The Ultra Heater is only available on its official website. The prices vary according to the number of units you purchase: the more Ultra Heaters you buy, the better the discounts. 

However, regardless of the units you buy, the manufacturer offers free shipping services throughout the world. If you want express shipping, you must pay an extra nine dollars.

1 Ultra Heater $50 total

2 Ultra Heaters $49.50 for $99 total

3 Ultra Heaters $46.33 each for $139 total

4 Ultra Heaters for $42.25 each for $169 total

Ultra Heater makers warn that there are counterfeit units sold online by unscrupulous retailers. Hence, it is best to purchase Ultra Heater directly from the Latvia-based company SIA ZPS Commerce via

Money-Back Guarantee

Each Ultra Heater unit comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If by any chance you are not satisfied with Ultra Heater’s benefits, you can ask for a full refund before thirty days are over after purchase.

Final Verdict about Ultra Heater (Ultra Heater Reviews)

The  Ultra heater is gaining traction and purchases increasingly. It is an efficient heater, tested and trusted. It works and it is no scam. It works very fast and has zero hassles when using it. It is also very portable and with this feature you can use the Ultraheater not only at home but in your office space, bedroom, lounge and other indoor spaces it is very durable and can help you go through the winter without feeling the huge impact especially when indoors.

It is a great product you should use for the winter. Order the Ultraheater today to enjoy this portable indoor heater. It is cost-effective and very affordable. However, it is limited in stock. Grab your Ultraheater today. While you can find one. It is worth buying!

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