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How To Get Into YouTube Recommendations: 5 Tips

What are recommendations on YouTube

Recommendations is a feed with videos that are formed by interests. This section is constantly changing, for example, if you update the page or restart the YouTube app, the selection of recommended videos will change.

How recommendations work

Recommended videos are content that is generated based on a user’s interests. For example, if you often watch videos about cars, then similar videos will appear on your feed: reviews, news, and car-related selections. 

Every YouTube-user can customize the feed with recommended videos for themselves. To do this, you need to watch videos of specific topics and like them.

What affects on how a video gets into recommendations

  • Audience retention

If your video is watched to the end, it’s a signal to YouTube’s algorithms that the video is liked by the target audience. Therefore, the algorithms begin to actively promote the content.

Another factor is also related to audience retention – how many videos on the channel are watched by a single user. For example, if people interact with your other videos after watching the first one – watching, liking, commenting – then the “old” videos will also get into the recommended ones.

  • The number of views, comments, and likes

The algorithm evaluates each video by three metrics: Youtube views, comments, and likes. The more reactions there are, the more likely the video is to be recommended. Especially reactions in the first hours after a video is uploaded are taken into account.

  • Keywords

The more accurately you choose “keys,” the more likely YouTube algorithms will pick the right audience.

How to get into YouTube recommendations: 5 tips

Now let’s get to the main part of the article, let’s see how to get into YouTube recommendations.

1. Make a quality video design

Upload a bright and attractive thumbnail, come up with an informative and intriguing title. You can add numbers to make the title more definite.

2. Optimize your video

To optimize your video you need to select keywords. These keywords will help your video rank on YouTube searches. More keywords will help the video get into Google and Yandex search results.

3. Use Viewsta 

Viewsta is an online service that helps you promote YouTube videos and channel. With this tool you will get live views, comments, likes and subscribers. To start promoting YouTube, sign up on Viewsta and choose services you need. 

This method will increase the number of likes, comments, and retention. Due to these factors, videos will get into the recommended ones. The service is completely safe, your channel will not be blocked because all traffic is live.

4. Analyze trends

See what kind of content is popular. Make videos on trending topics – for example, if pranking is popular now, try making a video in that style.

5. Make playlists

Create playlists for every heading on your channel. This will increase audience retention, for example, when a viewer finishes watching one of the playlists, the next video will automatically open.

Remember that the guarantee of success is to use all methods comprehensively. Experiment and you’ll be fine

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