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The Omicron symptom that is emerging among the aging

The COVID-19 variant, Omicron has a particular symptom that is prevalent among the elderly.

elderly couple holding hands in a hospital bed

Medical experts in Japan have noticed an increase of aging patients being hospitalized.

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What is the symptom?

These older patients are suffering from acute pneumonia after infection from Omicron. Additional details are available here.

In Japan, hospital beds are filling up at a concerning rate.

Dr. Akira Kano, director for the Fujimino Emergency hospital in Japan, said that this had led to more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“Elderly patients have received vaccines twice, but that was a while ago, and they are becoming stricken with acute pneumonia.”

Tokyo just launched a large vaccination drive for booster shots, in efforts to help.

Omicron may be a product of two different COVID-19 strains