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HIDDEN GEMS: Octane Social House in Auburn

Octane Social House is a hidden gem in downtown Auburn.

It’s about more than just operating a business for owners Joni and Rob Otterstatter. “The reason I chose my hometown of Auburn, was to make a positive difference and open a place that brought people together; help grow our community,” Joni said. “Fueling the human spirit with high quality, locally-sourced ingredients, in a relaxed environment.”


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Octane Social House café

With a wide variety of options to try on their menu. Social House makes almost everything in house. Everything that they can’t is made from fresh products. One of their most popular dishes is their scones.

These aren’t just your regular scones. They’re about twice the size of your hand. You can pick from a variety of scones that they have to offer. During this visit we went with the Cherry Cheesecake scone and it did not disappoint.

Octane Social House scone

This hidden gem is so much more than just a café

Walking into Social House you’re greeted with a staff that’s excited and ready to help. Upstairs the café decorated with local art and Auburn City relics. But there’s more. Take a set of stairs and descend into a book and record store.

Social House bookstore and record store

Octane Social House goes out of its way to support its community. They host a weekly teen night, giving them a space to unwind, play board games, and be social. If you’re in the Auburn you should definitely check out this hidden gem.

They are open Tuesday through Sunday at 41 Genesee Street.