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Small Food Businesses Thriving In Seneca Falls 

People who own small businesses are happier than those who are employed, according to the Wall Street Journal. This explains why there was almost a 10% increase in the number of small businesses in the U.S. between 2017 and 2021. Small food businesses have grown substantially over the past few years, especially those which offer takeout. But just how are small food businesses in Seneca Falls faring right now?
Doing well
In 2020, more than 110,000 food and drink businesses closed their doors. But, the food businesses in Seneca Falls continued to thrive in 2020 and beyond. Last year, Sackett’s Table Restaurant and Market, located on Bridge Street, came in the top 10 in New York Beef Council’s ‘Best NY Burger’. Another food establishment which is doing well right now is Parker’s Grille and Tap House. The restaurant and bar has just received a glowing review from Syracuse. So, what makes these establishments different from the rest? Sackett’s is a unique biz as it is a butcher, market, and restaurant rolled into one. There’s so much to do on site that it literally gives locals a whole day out. Parker’s Grille and Tap House, on the other hand, offers larger than life portions, and has multiple restaurants which serve up different menus.
New business
It’s not just established businesses which are doing well for themselves in the area. State Bakery & Smokehouse is one new food business which opened its doors in Seneca Falls in 2021. The owners Sam and Kal came up with the novel idea of operating their food business from an old garage so they could save costs. The move certainly made them a talking point in the county and earned them lots of free press and marketing. However, there are other ways to drum up new business. Rather than do your own marketing, it’s recommended you outsource it to a specialist company. Not only will you get experts in their field working for you, but you’ll also spend less of your business’s earnings. You can use a team of expert marketers as and when you need them rather than having to pay for a full team of employed marketers.
New startups 
Sage states it costs around $275,000 for a restaurant startup to get up and running. But if there’s one thing the State Bakery and Smokehouse shows it’s that you can open a food business from almost anywhere. The possibilities really are endless and could save you thousands. For example, you could run a food business from a converted trailer, campervan, truck, or a simple food cart. Nationwide Trailers reports that a food trailer can be bought for as little as $50,000. Set up in a popular location, such as Watkins Glen State Park, and you can’t go wrong.
Small food businesses are doing exceptionally well across New York right now. There are also lots of local Seneca Falls based ones which are shining. These show that anyone can launch a successful business when they put their all into it.
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