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Dog shot and killed in Corning family’s own backyard

A Corning family is fighting for justice after finding their seven-year-old Pomeranian was shot dead in their backyard.

They the incident occurred on a typical Saturday morning when their dog, named Lulu, was playing out in the snow, according to WENY. When they called Lulu to come inside, she didn’t respond.

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“She didn’t move and my husband went out there and unfortunately she was not alive and later when we brought her inside we realized she had wounds in her head,” said Lulu’s owner Shalissa Peterson.

Peterson contacted the police immediately, and they have since been investigating. She says the police have determined the dog was hit by a pellet gun between her eyes, with an exit wound out the back of her head.

“I would like the person who did this to receive the punishment that they deserve. I also want the community to feel safe in their own backyards. We have lots of kids on our street and we need to be able to know that our kids can play in their own backyards without concerns of being hurt. And lastly, we need justice for Lulu,” said Peterson.

If you have any information to help catch the person responsible for Lulu’s death, contact the Corning Police at (607) 962-0340.