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New legislation in New York would protect identity of homicide witnesses

New York State Senator Jeremy Cooney is proposing new legislation that would protect the identity of homicide witnesses.

Sen, Cooney announced the bill on the corner of North and Herald St. in Rochester, where 14-year-old Julius Greer Jr. was shot and killed in January. No arrests or people of interest have been announced in the case, according to WROC.

If passed, the legislation would make it so prosecutors can withhold the identity of any 911 caller, victim, or witness to a homicide until the case goes to trial and there is a suspect in custody.

Defense attorneys would still have the right to request disclosure through the court.

Out of the 81 homicides in Rochester in 2021, about 53% have been solved. Sen. Cooney is hoping this legislation would empower more people to speak up and lead to more cases being solved.