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For the Brave: The World’s Largest Amusement Parks

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The perfect way to get away from your routine is to get new terrifying emotions, and you can do this in many ways. One can get energized while betting on 22Bet, and others get such emotions, while visiting an amusement park. Extreme rides will make anyone forget about all business in the world: the main thing is to hold on tight!

Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the USA

Universal Park in Orlando is considered one of the largest parks in the world, second only to Disneyland in California. Besides the numerous rides – with dizzying and high-speed roller coasters, of course – there are many unique attractions using the latest technology.

Near you there will be a fire blazing and a tornado walking around, and if you want you can plunge into the world of Shrek, Harry Potter, or the superhero universe of Marvel. The various seating areas are top-notch, and the feeling of being in a living movie world won’t leave you for a second.

Mirabilandia in Italy

The largest amusement park in Italy, Mirabilandia, is located near Rimini. It is conventionally divided into several thematic areas and includes, among others, an aquatic part. In Mirabilandia, you can visit dozens of attractions, among which there are both roller coasters and options for children.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

The largest Ferrari theme park in the world. This place is worth going, especially for adults, because this is where the fastest roller coaster in the world is. Moreover, there is another roller coaster – with the highest dead loop. Besides, the park has many rides with the latest technology – projections, augmented reality and holograms.

Europa park in Germany

The largest amusement park in Europe after the French Disneyland is located in Germany, in the city of Rust. It is located on an area of 90 hectares and is divided into 16 thematic zones. There are about 100 different attractions, 12 of which are roller coasters.

Cedar Point in the USA

This is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world since it opened in 1870. Since then everything has changed except for the location – Cedar Point occupies an entire small island. Here you can find 72 rides, most of them are extreme. Also, the park is famous for its “coastal roller coaster.” By the way, on the territory of Cedar Point there are three excellent hotels.

Port Aventura in Spain

One of the most popular parks in Europe, Port Aventura is located in the Tarragona area, not far from Barcelona. Each year the number of visitors to Port Aventura is only increasing. It has the highest roller coaster in Europe and several themed areas where you can find rides for all ages.

Disneyland in France

The idea to open Disneyland in Europe appeared in 1975 – the discussion about the place lasted many years, and only in 1992 the legendary amusement park 32 km from Paris began to work. Unlike many similar places, the park will appeal, first and foremost, to children. Disneyland is literally populated by many familiar and beloved characters from fairy tales and movies: not for nothing is the symbol of the park the famous castle of Sleeping Beauty. There are almost no extreme rides, so it’s a must to visit this place when you’re a kid – to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the place.

Thorpe Park in England

Thorpe Park, 30 minutes from London, is one of the five most extreme amusement parks in Europe. There are a lot of rides here that are suitable only for the most adventurous people, so do not come here with very young children. However, all thrill-seekers will definitely love the many twists and turns on the roller coaster and the bloodcurdling “Saw” ride that uses the latest technology.

Disneyland in the USA

This is the most famous theme park in the world: Disneyland California was designed with the direct participation of Walt Disney who decided to create it for his daughters. The construction lasted a year, from 1954 to 1955, and took an astronomical sum of 17 million dollars, which by the standards of the time is an unimaginable figure. Today, about 19 million people visit the legendary place every year: the magical world Disney created never fails to fascinate new generations of children.

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