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Avocado shortage causing prices to increase

Prices have skyrocketed after an avocado shortage has begun for 2022.

With avocados increasing popularity we are now suffering a shortage.

This will cause prices to increase quickly.

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Things affecting avocados right now

  • Labor Shortages

    Truck and labor shortages are affecting many industries.
    This makes it harder for stores to get the products.

  • Supply and demand of avocados

    Prices are continuing to rise while supply is low.
    The current price is $1.50.
    Last year they were only $0.99.

  • Problems stretch past the struggling avocado supply chain

    Growing conditions in California have not been ideal.
    Limoneria, a supply company, only sold 3,000 pounds of avocados from October 2021 to December 2021.
    In 2020 they sold 478,000 pounds.

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What to expect this season

Fortunately, there is hope with this coming years sales.

It’s been predicted that California should produce 306 million pounds.

This is a 15% percent increase over last season.


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