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The SAT is going digital- How will it impact students?

Educators in New York are reacting to news that the College Board’s SAT will be all-online in two years.

In addition to being taken on a laptop, the updated SAT will be shortened from three hours down to two, and students will be allowed to use a calculator for the math section, according to CNY Central.

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“I think this kind of makes sense, right I mean I think going to a gym or a testing center with your number 2 pencil seems kind of outdated,” said Tim Lee, VP of Enrollment Management at Le Moyne College.

Despite the changes, some wonder if the SAT will be obsolete in a few years considering the trend of many colleges and universities doing away with it as an admission requirement. As the test is made simpler, some are also wondering if it will be a good judge of aptitude.

“It’s going to take time to understand really what you’re looking at from an evaluator point of view and a student may get a certain score and you know maybe five years ago that score would have been seen as really strong and maybe now it’s average,” said Lee.