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Day care centers fight to stay open

The day care industry is facing challenges related to COVID-19 and staffing issues.

When staff and children get sick and have to quarantine, it can be hard to keep classrooms open, leading to a sense of uncertainty among parents.

Children under two years old face stricter quarantine requirements because they can’t wear masks. Every COVID-19 exposure means they have to stay home for 10 days, according to 13 Wham.

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“If a child or staff member gets COVID in that classroom, even if the staff is wearing a mask and the infants are not we have to quarantine and close down the entire room which does not make parents happy,” said Bernice Fallone, owner and director of Fallone’s Fun Time Center in Ogden.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello says day care facilities will receive some of the 100,000 COVID-19 test kits the county has received thus far.