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SpaceX space junk is predicted to hit the Moon

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Astronomers assume pieces of SpaceX project is going to hit the moon.

7 years ago a pieces of a SpaceX rocket was blasted off.

It was the abandoned in space and it predicted to crash into the moon.

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Radio waves blasted into space by strange object

Rouge SpaceX rocket parts

Deployed in 2015 to go into orbit a NASA satellite called the Deep Space Climate Observatory.

The second stage of the rocket has since then been floating in “chaotic orbit”.

Astronomers have calculated that this will collide with the Moon in March.

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What are we learning from this SpaceX experience?

This is going to leave a crater for scientist to observe using spacecrafts and satellites.

The force of the SpaceX fragments weigh for tons on the moon.

Now this wont pose a threat to Earth.

You wont even be able to see it.

But there is at least 50 other object abandoned in space from the 60’s through to the 80’s.

This experience is going to get scientists to start tracking those objects again.

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