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Appellate Judge Robert Miller issues stay on New York mask mandate: Face coverings still required indoors

New York still has a mask mandate. Appellate Court Judge Robert Miller issued a stay of a lower court ruling, which struck down the state’s mask mandate.

In short, it means the Governor Kathy Hochul’s executive order requiring masks in all indoor settings will continue. It’s set to expire in a matter of days, and the Governor has not signaled whether it will be extended any longer.

“This suit is not about how the pandemic has been handled,” said attorney Chad Laveglia, who is representing the plantiffs. “It’s not about masks or science whatsoever. It’s about how the governor and the Department of Health made laws it didn’t have the authority to make.”

The Governor disagrees.

“We disagree 100% with the conclusion of the judge who in his opinion thought the Department of Health does not have the authority to protect public health,” she said in Syracuse on Tuesday. “We believe this will be settled very shortly.”