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Mailing delays leave Ithaca residents frustrated, uncertain

Staffing issues at the United States Postal Service are causing delays in receiving mail for the West Hill neighborhood in Ithaca. Following a five-day lapse in mail delivery, residents began receiving mail again on January 15, though many worry delays will persist into the near future.

The sometimes days-late delivery of the Ithaca Journal is one major frustration, according to the Ithaca Voice. The Journal is the city’s only daily print newspaper, and mailing delays often render its coverage irrelevant by the time it is received by residents.

“As we move past these short-term availability issues, we will continue to use all of the tools at our disposal to assure that our Ithaca customers get the kind of first-class service that they’ve come to expect,” said Mark Lawrence, USPS strategic communications specialist for Upstate New York.