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Auburn, Cayuga County properties see big assessment increases

The red hot market for housing has substantially increased the assessments of some Auburn homeowners’ properties and they’re not happy.

The Citizen quotes City Assessor Jeanne Hering as saying “pretty much every property” in the city went up in value in the latest assessment. “You can’t buy a ranch in the city, a thousand-square-foot ranch, for less than $130,000,” Hering said. “And you better be ready to purchase it that day, because it’ll be gone the next day.”

The Greater Rochester Association of Realtors says the median sale price of a Cayuga County home went up 17% last year, to $169,847. The city of Auburn uses comparable sales to determine assessed value. Homeowners who want to contest their assessments can challenge the assessment. They will be given 15 minute, in-person meetings to present their cases.

To contact the city of Auburn’s assessment office, call (315) 255-4125, visit or email [email protected]. To contact Cayuga County Real Property Services, call (315) 253-1270. For more information about contesting an assessment, visit