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Schumer in Rochester Friday to tell hospitals he’ll push for more staffing help

Senator Chuck Schumer was in Rochester Friday, telling officials at the University of Rochester Medical Center he’ll push for more staffing help for hospitals.

WXXI reports Schumer told them the federal government should allow federal disaster response teams to supplement hospital staff. He says unlike, some of the personnel that have been supplied by the National Guard, these would be medically trained. “Some are doctors, some are nurses, some are just support personnel, who can do whatever the hospital administrators tell them they need to do,” said Schumer. “But they’re needed and each team has about 30 people, so that’s a big, big help at this time. 30 skilled people and we can hopefully get more than one team.”

Hospital officials say they would welcome the help.

Schumer says there’s bi-partisan support for increasing aid to hospitals in the next federal budget.