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Best Young Rap Female Artists 2022

The female rap stars have over time dominated the hip-hop industry bringing with them swagger and the good vibes. Their presence in the hip-hop industry is more than just a trend, it portrays the future of the music industry. This guide contains a list of female rap stars who are coming into the spotlight, according to Artist Push


Tabatha Robinson, popularly known as Dreamdoll was born in Bronx, New York. She worked as a bartender in a strip club prior to her popularity. Her career milestone records her first billboard placement in 2020. From her Instagram post, it was evident that she spent the preceding year improving her skills, tone and craft. 


The female rapper began her career when she was 18-year-old with a preference for the trap as well as R & B. She was raised in Texas, USA although there is no information about her family background on the internet. Her recording, “Love & Drugs” which features her ethereal voice earned her recognition within the hip hop industry. Also, she got signed to 1017 records last year where she continues to make her music. 

Queen Key 

Queen Key is a Chicago rapper who backs her freestyle with creative visuals. She has released a number of singles which include “Baked as a Pie”, “Hit A Lic” and “Take Money” that have been uploaded on her YouTube channel. It is indisputable that she has great vocal skills with good coordination on the dance floor. Also, Queen Key successfully allows her personality to filter into her songs and the music that she creates for the public. One outstanding feature of Queen Key’s rap music is her ability to own other beats. It can be said that her life and the lessons she has gathered through life are also incorporated into her songs.


Iamdoechii is a Los Angeles-based rapper whose vocal prowess earned her a massive hit early in her career. She has a versatile flow in her musical style as evident in the release of her EP, BRA-LESS. Iamdoechii entered into the limelight in 2021 when her song “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,” featured in a viral TikTok trend. It is on record that nearly 50,000 people used the track to create a video generating millions of views. Iamdoechii featured in “Wut U Sed”, one of the songs in Isaiah Rashad’s new album The House Is Burning. The song has a melancholy tune that seems to glue the listeners to the song.  

Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty is a Polaris Prize 2019 Winner who captivates her listeners with her relentless lyrics through which she addresses societal issues. Her break-out success album, 13th Floor earned her the award as the Best Canadian Album of the Year. She creates dynamic music while cross-pollinating genres. Commendably, her music video for “Thirteen” was the Grand Prize winner for the 2021 Prism Prize. She was raised in Toronto, and it can be affirmed that her music has an introspective style even as she engages in socio-political criticism.

Our support for women in hip-hop should be channeled towards their merit and abilities. It is important that the rap genre be demystified as being male-dominated as a way of promoting the talents among us. 


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