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MLB, MLBPA to meet Monday, union to present counterproposal

The Major League Baseball Players Association will present a counteroffer to the owners on Monday, Jan. 24, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN.

This will be the second meeting since the lockout began on December 2.

This counteroffer would be a response to what was presented to them by the MLB owners on Jan. 13, the details of which were not met with any enthusiasm from the player side.

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To recap, the MLB owners offered the players:

  • Raising the league minimum salary and opening up more money available to so-called “Super Twos,” players who qualify for arbitration for four years instead of the standard three before hitting free agency.
  • Extra draft picks for teams that don’t manipulate service time for top prospects in order to gain an extra year of control in lieu of simply playing the best players on the big-league roster at all times.
  • Further adjustments to the league’s previously proposed draft lottery, which would include incentives for teams to stop extreme tanking.

The clock is ticking. Spring Training is about three weeks away and Opening Day is scheduled for March 31.