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City of Geneva looking for more residents to participate in testing of water pipes for copper, lead

The City of Geneva is looking for more residents to take part in its testing of water pipes for copper and lead. Public Works Director Joe Venuti says the goal is to increase sampling pool from 30 to 90 properties. A letter was sent to water and sewer customers in hopes some will volunteer for the program.

Venuti wants to get ahead of rule changes that he says will be adopted across the nation in the near future, according to Finger Lakes Times. He notes having a lead service line doesn’t necessarily mean water is contaminated.

“However, lead in drinking water can be a problem and can be a source of lead exposure,” he said. “Service pipes and plumbing that contain lead can corrode, causing lead to enter drinking water, and the constant monitoring provides necessary data to ensure safe quality water.”

The city says the maximum allowable level for lead is zero under the federal Safe Water Drinking Act. Home built prior to 1988 are more likely to have lead in pipes, fixtures, and solder.

“A big item for us is to truly identify what service materials, such as lead, copper, galvanized, PVC, are at each and every water service,” Venuti added.

City of Geneva residents can call (315) 828-6550 to receive testing information and consent form.