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Package Tracking Services That Were Popular in 2022

Since online delivery services are so popular nowadays, people need to have a convenient app for tracking all the packages they order. In 2022, a lot of new tracking programs were launched. Some old apps remained widespread because of their simple and comfortable services. If you wonder which app to choose for your USPS tracking, here are the five best delivery tracking apps in 2022.


Everyone wants an app where they could track all their parcels, and Pkge provides such a service. It’s quite convenient because you don’t need to use different programs even if you track only two packages. Here you can track all your USPS and UPS parcels. 

You may also track packages from a variety of international stores such as Amazon. There are many clothing and household shops on the list. The total number of the companies is more than four hundred, which allows you to track any of your packages for sure. The way you track parcels is straightforward: you just need access to the Internet and your tracking number. 

  1. TrackChecker

This mobile app also offers an extensive list of postal services. Among them are: 

  • FedEx;
  • aPacket;
  • DHL, and many others. 

You may track several packages at the same time. There are no limitations on the number of parcels you can track. You will receive notifications about packages on your mobile, and it’s up to you how frequently you want to get them. Additionally, there are sorting modes and filters. They help you to make the tracking process more convenient, especially if you order a lot of parcels at the same time. 

  1. 17TRACK

You can use the 17TRACK website as well as a mobile app. Information in your account is saved in both versions. 17TRACK has a simple but convenient design. The website allows you to find up to forty parcels entering their tracking numbers in one section. This fast service is great when you have a lot of packages to track. You can prioritize orders so that you see some of them on top. 17TRACK sends you notifications every time the status of the parcel changes. 

  1. Shiprocket

Shiprocket cooperates with many postal services and stores. It has a recommendation function that helps users to choose the best courier according to their requirements. You can make an order in this app and note all important data easily. 

Shiprocket filters your packages in a few categories. There are undelivered, delivered, out of delivery, new orders, and pick up scheduled parcels. You choose which notifications to receive. It’s also easy to calculate the freight rate of your package in the Shiprocket calculator. You can download all invoices of the parcels with just one click. 

  1. Deliveries

The same features of the app Deliveries are available for both Android and iOS. The notifications are sent automatically. You don’t need to check the app all the time; the background messages will appear if the package status changes. This app has a user-friendly design but not so many postal services and couriers. There are about 40 shippers, including Amazon, FedEx, and eBay. 

Track Your Packages Easily 

These apps are likely to be in demand in 2022, so you can choose one of them for tracking your packages easily. The service is on top of the list due to its simple interface and cooperation with a huge variety of shipping companies. Tracking parcels is very convenient nowadays, so don’t hesitate to try diverse apps to find the one that is the most comfortable for you. 

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