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How to Maintain an Air Conditioner – The Top Maintenance Steps for the Newbie

Maintaining an air conditioner is a task which can be very difficult for the newbie. It requires the user to follow a few important steps which can make all the difference.

What Does Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Include? 

This article is about the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance. It includes a list of maintenance tasks and their importance.

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Regular air conditioning maintenance includes:

  • Checking the filter to ensure it is clean and not clogged up with dirt or dust.
  • Replacing filters if they are dirty or clogged up with dirt or dust.
  • Inspecting the unit for any signs of damage, such as a cracked condenser coil, broken fan blades, or an abnormal noise level.
  • Inspecting all components, such as coils and refrigerant lines, for any signs of leaks or damage to them as well.
  • Checking the drain pan to make sure it’s not overflowing and that there are no blockages in the drain line.
  • Inspecting the entire unit.

How to Find a Reputable Air Conditioning Company

When it comes to finding an air conditioner maintenance service, you should make sure that you look for a company that is not only reputable but also offers quality services.

There are many ways to find a reputable company. One way is by doing a search on the internet. You can also ask friends and family if they know of any companies in your area. Another way is by visiting your local yellow pages and looking for companies with the word ‘air conditioning’ or ‘air conditioning repair’ in their business name or description.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t like what your filter is giving you, then it’s time to change it up.

  • If you are using a paper filter, change it every 3-5 months.
  • If you are using a carbon filter, change it every 6-8 months.
  • If you are using an electronic filter, change it every 12-18 months.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is in Good Health with These 4 Steps

The air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. It keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. There are a few simple steps that you can take to make sure that your air conditioner is in good health.

  1. Check to see if it has been working properly by looking at its filter. If it’s dirty, clean it out with a vacuum cleaner and replace it with a new one.
  2. Make sure that the unit is not leaking or dripping water on its floor or walls by checking for any wet spots on the floor or walls around where the unit is located.
  3. If your unit has been running for too long, check to see if there are any leaks around where it’s installed by using a flashlight.
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