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COVID-19 at home tests: How to claim four free test kits per month? Why are renters struggling?

Americans can obtain several free COVID-19 at home tests if they fill out a simple form with the United States Postal Service.

The website went live on Tuesday,, and allows people to sign-up to have rapid antigen tests delivered to legitimate residences.

Officials said the website wouldn’t accept orders until Wednesday, January 19, but Americans successfully placed thousands of orders through on Tuesday.

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How many free COVID-19 at home tests can be claimed?

The USPS system allows four COVID-19 tests to be sent per address.

In theory, Americans would be able to sign-up for new ones every 30 days.

Officials didn’t specify when the month ends for those who obtain COVID-19 at home test kits. Will the clock start ticking when the month changes, or 30 days after processing the first order? That question remains unanswered.

What happens if your free COVID-19 at home test isn’t delivered?

It’s not clear how the federal government will deal with that problem.

Supply chain issues have been the biggest challenge. Now, many say it’s too little too late.

COVID-19 cases are setting records across the U.S. However, significant declines have been reported in hotspots like New York. Hospitals are also seeing declines in cases in hard hit communities like New York City.

“This would’ve been great a month or two ago,” New York resident Emilie Edwards told “Now, it feels like a reaction to a problem that isn’t even as serious here. Of course, I’m happy it’s happening. This will hopefully help with future variants.”

COVID-19 cases declined some 38% in recent days.

Why are renters struggling with COVID-19 at home test kits?

The biggest issue has involved those who live in multi-unit dwellings. Some that don’t have official addresses associated with the Post Office pre-established, have said they weren’t able to claim their free test allotment because neighbors already did.

It’s not clear how the federal government or USPS will address this problem.

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