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Waterloo Town Clerk refuses to take office in dispute over pay, health insurance

The newly elected Town Clerk in Waterloo says she doesn’t want the job.

The Finger Lakes Times reports Eileen Temple is refusing to take office in a dispute over health insurance and the salary. Temple says when she was asked to run, she asked what the salary was, whether there was health coverage and whether taking the post would affect her retirement as a state employee. She says she was told there was health coverage and the salary was $42,000 annually. She says after she agreed to run, she was later told the salary was $35,000 and there was no health insurance.

Temple says she had discussions about the discrepancy with Town Supervisor Don Trout. She says she was also led to believe the new job would begin January 31, but that she was told if she didn’t take office January 3, the clerk’s office would be closed.

In a statement, Trout said “Eileen was not misled about pay, benefits or hours. We will be appointing someone at our (Jan. 24) meeting. The town needs a clerk.”

The Town Board will appoint a new clerk, who will serve until November, when another election will be held. The winner will serve the remainder of the four year term.