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Stimulus payment deadline for $7,500 approaching

Some people deciding to move to Vermont could qualify for a one time payment worth $7,500.

magnifying glass over "Job Opportunity" for people looking to relocate to Vermont for work and a stimulus payment

In order to get the grant, you need to meet specific qualifications.

There are two different grants offered by the state of Vermont at the moment, and deadlines are getting closer.

COVID-19 has impacted the state similarly to how it has other states. Vermont is attempting to fix labor shortages and help businesses employ new workers.

New Relocating Worker Grant

The New Relocating Worker Grant will provide up to $7,500 for people that decide to move to Vermont and live there full time.

To get this grant you’ll need to work for qualifying employers once you become a full time resident.

It’s available for those that moved to the state on or after July 1, 2021 and have started working.

The employment needs to be a specific occupation that has been identified by the state as an occupation in need of employees.

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The job must meet certain qualifications as well:

It must pay $13.39 per hour at least

You need to have qualified expenses for relocating

You’ll need to pay Vermont income taxes

The employer you work for must show that after a long enough period of time they could not fill the position with Vermont residents.

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New Remote Worker Grant

The other grant that could pay for someone’s move to Vermont in the New Remote Worker Grant.

This one is also worth up to $7,500.

The grant is to get those who already work from home to simply relocate to Vermont to become a new resident.

The start for this is Feb. 1, 2022.

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If you relocate on or after this date and meet the qualifications, you could be eligible.

In order to become eligible, you’ll need to work remotely full time for a business outside the state of Vermont.

This means working from your home or a co-working space in the state of Vermont.

You must be making at least $13.39 per hour, have qualified moving expenses, and pay Vermont income taxes.

To learn more about the deadlines and find more information, visit Think Vermont.

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