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Implementing a New Business Fuel Card? Here is What Drivers Need to Know


Truth be told, tracking company expenses can be a real headache. But all this can change when you have the right UK fuel card. Whether it is increased security, more detailed reporting, or more control, UK fuel card give companies more insight into their fuel expenditures in real-time.

However, don’t be so rash to implement a fuel card program that you forget about the most important cog in your engines: your drivers or employees. These will be the direct users of the fuel cards, meaning they are the ones to implement your new fuels program. 

In this article, we explain some of the tips to help you introduce your new fuel card program to your drivers. Remember that, without drivers, no fueling program could ever work. 

Communication is Critical

Communication is critical when you are trying to introduce a new program for your company fuel card. They will be at the front line in defending your company from fraud, which is why you want to have them updated on any new rules that you want to introduce.

You should ensure that your drivers understand that the reason for putting up the plan into place is to help not only businesses but also them. Explain to them that the aim is not to control them. 

Below are some things you should adhere to:

Make it abundantly clear to your driving team why you are switching to a fuels card. By making them understand that the shift is a strategy for your business, the change won’t come to them as random. Let them understand that the aim is to build a better and more efficient business. 

Another important thing you must pass across to the team is how they will be using the new cards. Make them understand spending limits, and also the uses of the UK fuel that they are authorized to make.

Next up, tell your drivers where they can fill up gas. The best UK fuel card programs allow drivers to fill up at their favourite stations. They also give them the flexibility to duel at out-of-network stations when necessary.

After receiving these cards, your drivers will be glad that using these programs is no different than a typical credit card. Also, with just a few steps, they will not have to keep track of their receipts again. Below are the steps drivers or other employees will need to follow to use their new cards:

The main advantage of fuels card programs for the drivers is that they will not have to carry large piles of cash around and put their lives at risk. They only need to present the cards to the pump attendant and follow a few simple steps. They include the following:

At the pumps, drivers will be asked to input their PIN or driver ID, plus their odometer reading. This not only protects you but also them. In case of erroneous spending, they can bank on the data gathered at the filling station to bail them out. 

Fuel up!

There is no difference in what happens when they use a credit card. However, the drivers now have more pride that they are helping improve the overall health of the company they work for. 

Speak about any concerns your driver might have

Expect your drivers or other employees to voice questions on how their job requirements will be affected by the introduction of UK fuels card. They may even want to know how this new tool is going to measure their work performance.  When implementing any UK fuel program, the best policy is to make full disclosures at all times. This will calm the nerves of employees as they implement these changes especially when integrated straightforwardly. While some employees are likely to react negatively because of the greater oversight offered by the cards, it is still better to catch these bad attitudes than to leave them in the dark. 

Spell out the Consequences of Not Abiding

The full extend of the benefits or effects of fuel cards will not be realized until you make it abundantly clear that failure to abide by the new system will have serious ramifications. Most fleet managers make the mistake of being lenient to negligent drivers or first-time offenders. If drivers understand the consequences, you are likely to make fuel cards a far greater effective deterrent. Analyzing the data gathered by the fuel card and the vehicle telematics helps fleet managers to consistently check the performance of their drivers. If a fleet manager notes significant disparities between these two reports, it is most probably that employees are abusing the company time. Not all employees will embrace these changes. Some will be hesitant to take part in the changes. One proven way to encourage your employees to comply fully with the new rules is to use goal-setting and conversations. 

 Set Targets

Granted, some employees will be resistant to the introduction of UK fuel. One way to neutralize this attitude is to show your drivers that fuel cards give them an opportunity to hone their skills. Through the data captured by telematics and fuel cards, drivers can discover habits they did inadvertently that makes their driving inefficient. Employees that implement fuel card programs for their sake will readily adopt the training by the company. 


Introducing fuel cards gives you more control over what you spend on your UK fuel. However, it is not without some teething problems. Apart from the tips we have shared above, also get some basic resources such as a wallet-sized checklist for ensuring that your drivers master fuel stops on their early days of using the cards. Some of the top UK fuel card programs come with resources like driver guides to make the switch as seamless as possible. Irrespective of the card that you choose, bringing your drivers up to speed with the new card program is a critical step you cannot miss. 

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