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Local health leaders encourage students, teachers to get tested for COVID before returning next week

Get tested for COVID-19.

That’s the message for students and teachers before next week when both are welcomed back. The difference between this period and ‘back to school’ time in September, is the ‘Winter Surge’ of COVID-19 cases across New York.

On Thursday, another record was set with more than 70,000 confirmed cases of COVID reported in 24 hours. It’s fueled by Omicron, and health experts say it’s very important that students get vaccinated if eligible- and tested.

“Testing with a rapid test at home is the best way to know if you’re contagious,” Monroe County Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said. “With school reopening next week, I want to especially urge school personnel and teachers to remain safe so we can have a workforce to send our children to when they go back to school next week.”

Monroe County is part of the Finger Lakes region, which has seen among the highest rates of COVID-19 transmission in New York.

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