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$10,000 in grant money available to childcare providers

Another round of grants is set to go out in Maryland in 2022 to help child care providers offset costs that go into providing care.

There is a strict deadline this time around, and it’s Jan. 23, 2022.

Applications open on Jan. 3, 2022.

The final round is part of the Child Care Stabilization Grants program.

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A base grant of $10,000 is available and qualifying providers could receive additional grants.

The first round was disbursed in Oct. and those who received grants may apply again.

The Maryland State Department of Education plans to have the money processed by March 4, 2022, in an effort to speed up recovery from the pandemic.

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Other states are offering stimulus money to offset general costs

California residents are currently receiving checks worth as much as $1,100 as part of the state’s Golden State Stimulus II program.

The last round will be mailed until Jan. 11, 2022 to zip codes ending in 928-999.

Families should get all paper checks by Feb. 1.

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9 million people will have benefitted from the program when it ends.

Maine began sending over 500,000 qualifying residents checks worth $285.

Indiana is sending taxpayers $125 when they process their state taxes.

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