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SlideModel Review: Create professional presentations with PowerPoint templates

Gone are the days when PowerPoint presentations were a mere medium to show texts and numbers to your company’s management. Today, as the world goes digital, PowerPoint has positioned itself at the epicenter of businesses of all scales. Organizations are leveraging slides to engage potential leads across multiple marketing and sales touch points while establishing credibility right upfront.

As per a report by BBC, over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day. Therefore, we can infer that presentations play a significant role in casting a lasting impression. However, when it comes to creating a rich, informative, and engaging presentation, not every presenter has a knack for creating slides that amuse the audience.

How SlideModel Makes a Difference?

SlideModel is one of the biggest providers of read-to-use, professional PowerPoint templates on the internet. The platform features thousands of impressive templates that are corporate-friendly, as well as easy on the eye of your audience. Whether the goal is to pitch to a potential investor, launch a new product & service, or engage people during a crowdfunding event, SlideModel templates allow you to create slides that matter!

Often presenters use default PowerPoint templates and settle with ordinary-looking slides. The practice not only diminishes the presentation engagement but may also lead to the phenomenon “Death By PowerPoint”! Well, creative PowerPoint templates from SlideModel can be a game-changer for your presentation needs. The pixel-perfect design and professional layouts can help you woo your professional audience in no time.

Let’s move ahead and understand the out-of-the-box benefits of SlideModel and how you can supercharge your next presentation:

1. Business-Ready Templates:

SlideModel offers business-friendly templates that are lucrative in design and are easy to use. Brands can use professional templates to engage the audience with data-driven slides and establish their credibility. Whether the purpose of the presentation is to energize, motivate or initiate call-to-action amongst the audience, SlideModel templates take care of the design, thus allowing you to create quality content.

Once you land on the SlideModel platform, you can notice a dedicated Business Presentation Templates page. Presenters can find some of the best in market templates in categories such as Marketing, Sales & Strategy. You can also find business use-case-specific templates such as SWOT analysis, Data Analysis Curve, BCG Matrix & Go-to Market Strategy template.

2. 100% Customization:

Gone are the days when you could pick a default template from PowerPoint and get on with creating your slides. Today, the tech-savvy audience has been to scores of presentations already. Thus, it has become difficult to bring out a wow factor with superficial slides. Well, presenters can now incorporate 100% customized templates into their presentations and resonate with the audience like never before.

SlideModel templates support absolute customization. You can alter slides elements such as Visuals, Icons, Backgrounds, Animations, and much more. Thus, presenters can unleash their creative skills and customize the slides as per requirement. Companies can also edit the slides and align the deck near to the official branding guidelines, company logo, marketing collateral, and existing products.

3. Data-Driven Graphs, Charts & 3D Vector Diagrams:

Today in the Big Data age where we have quintillion bytes of available information, there is no denying that data has become the new oil. Companies of all scales are leveraging data to visualize trends, identify patterns and devise successful business strategies. Rather than overwhelming your audience with vast amounts of data, presenters can use data visualizations to transform ordinary text into meaningful illustrations.

SlideModel allows you to reap the benefits from data through effective data visualization. Presenters can now use vivid data visualizations such as 3D charts, graphs, infographics, heatmaps to enable easy trend analysis and quick decision-making amongst the audience. SlideModel offers dedicated data visualization templates such as Economic Analysis, Startup Dashboard, Team Analyzing KPIs, Executive Woman Dashboard, and many more amazing templates to make sense of data, connect the dots and achieve business success.

4. Exceptional PowerPoint Backgrounds:

PowerPoint backgrounds are one of the most overlooked slide elements in a presentation. Presenters should note that backgrounds add texture, depth & luster to your slides. Not just that carefully thought PowerPoint backgrounds complement the other slide elements. 

Presenters can benefit from the photo, pattern, and solid PowerPoint backgrounds available at SlideModel and create slides with a strong contrast between text and background. The right background can provide a highly branded look, help you evoke emotions, bring the audience closer to your presentation and initiate a call-to-action. 

5. Superior Customer Care:

SlideModel also features around-the-clock customer support. Presenters can get in touch with experts at SlideModel for their presentation needs. Whether you require template suggestions for your next meeting, guidance on editing, or you’re facing any technical challenges in downloading and integrating the templates into your presentations, SlideModel customer support is there for you.

Presenters should note that SlideModel templates are highly compatible with leading presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote & Google Slides. Presenters can download their favorite template from the SlideModel website and use the template interchangeably on all presentation platforms.

Wrapping It Up:

An ideal PowerPoint presentation draws a line between a closed deal or a missed opportunity! If created right, the right set of slides can help you educate, motivate and influence your audience like never before. SlideModel templates provide the flexibility you need to deliver informative & intuitive-looking presentations like a breeze!

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