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Newark receives $1 million state grant for UV system at wastewater treatment plant

The village of Newark is one of the recipients of a recent round of water quality grants announced by Governor Kathy Hochul.

The project entails upgrades to the Village’s wastewater treatment plant to advance a disinfection system powered by ultraviolet lighting technology (UV). UV technology is widely recognized as a leading best practice in enhancing treatment plant effluent and water quality without the use of chemical additives like chlorine.

This spring, the Village will commence design and specification development for upgrades to the plant, with construction likely beginning in the spring of 2023. Project completion is estimated for December of 2023.

The total project cost is estimated at just over $1.4 million. The state-administered Water Quality Improvement Program has awarded $1 million in support of the project, significantly reducing the local share of project costs. The grant aligns with the Department of Environmental Conservation’s prioritization of effluent disinfection, and the Governor’s priority emphasis on water quality improvement throughout New York State.

“The Village depends on high quality water for our economic development and quality of life priorities. This project will ensure that our residents enjoy an unmatched natural environment, and that our manufacturing community has the capacity it needs to continue producing high quality goods and creating a strong employment base for Newark,” said Mayor Jonathan Taylor.