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Holiday shopping skyrocketed in 2021, sales increased by over 8.5%: What fueled the success?

Despite supply chain issues and the Omicron variant of COVID-19 holiday shopping sales increased 8.5% this year.

Mastercard SpendingPulse tracks payments of all kinds – including cash and debit cards. They reported that sales had risen 8.5% from 2020. In total, they expected an 8.8% increase.

The results cover the holiday shopping season, which officially begins on November 1 and continues through December 24 or Christmas Eve.

Mastercard says the spike as fueled by clothing and jewelry sales.

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Were holiday shopping sales an anomaly based on 2020 pandemic lows?

No. Holiday sales increased by 10.7% compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 holiday period, according to Mastercard.

A clearer picture will come next month when the National Retail Federation releases its two-month results. Those will not come out until mid-January, though.

“I feel really good about how the season played out,” said Steve Sadove, senior adviser to Mastercard and former CEO of Saks Inc. “When people feel a little bit uncomfortable, you’ll see a little bit of a pickup in online and a little bit of a slowdown in store performance.”

What about non-store sales? Those are on the rise, too.

The expectation is that non-store sales will have increased between 11% and 15%.

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What fueled the successful holiday shopping season?

Many are still suffering an economic crunch brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. However, a growing percentage of the population is benefiting from an economy that’s in recovery- and jobs that are paying better than they did before the pandemic.

That translated to one thing this holiday season: A greater holiday shopping spend.

Wages are up, more money is in the consumer’s hand, and because of those factors – the holiday shopping season saw more activity than ever before.

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