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Here’s why you need to hit the gym and not rely on home workout

According to a CDC report, “22.9 percent of American adults (approx. 59 million people) follow the federal physical activity guidelines of exercising at least 150 minutes a week.”

According to a statistic published on Real Buzz, 45 million American adults (approx. 14 percent of the population) have a gym membership.

If you take a look at both stats, one thing should be clear – that a large number of people who work out actually do so in the gym.

So, why aren’t you going to the gym more? I take it it’s because your schedule doesn’t allow that. Well, that’s too bad. There is so much to gain at the gym.

If you allow me, I’d like to share a few gym benefits with you. Mind you; you can follow this link to see some top-notch gyms around me you didn’t even know existed.

Why you should head to the gym and not rely on home work out alone

The HIGHs and the LOWs of Gym

The HighsThe Lows
Exposure to the best facilitiesIt’s costly
Access to exercise classesCan be distracting to have people around
Group goals, challenges, and competitionStressful to fit in your schedule
FocusPushing yourself too far too fast
Extra push and motivation

Let’s look at each of the items in the table one after the other.

The Pros: Why gym makes sense

  • Exposure to the best amenities

It is always easier to work out when you have access to equipment and tools. It encourages you to try out new exercise routines, mix things up a little, and even combine different procedures. For example, you could run the treadmill first when you arrive, then switch to biking later. Afterward, you could lift a couple of weights. Finally, you could end the day’s session in the pool if your gym is a fitness gym with pool. This multiplicity of options makes it easier to get your desired results FAST.

  • Access to exercise classes

It is true one can join meditation classes online, but you can’t compare the effect to that of someone attending meditation classes near me. The same is true for other forms of exercise. It’s just easier and more immersive when it happens offline. Online, you can easily be distracted by events at home. But offline, you have your instructor breathing down your neck and colleagues motivating you to go harder.

  • Group goals

Again, you can join fitness group goals and challenges on the internet. But none of that doesn’t compare to in-person challenges. For example, say you join a pushup challenge online. You can easily pretend your network is bad and go offline when you can no longer continue a rep. In contrast, you can’t do that at the gym ‘cuz everyone is looking at you.

  • Focus

You can easily be distracted by activities at home – like a dog running around, a friend calling on the phone, or food burning in the kitchen. At the gym, you’re on high alert. Your focus is not just compromisable.

  • Motivation

There is something about watching other people sweat that just instantly pushes one to go harder. If you’re working out at home, you’re your sole motivation. However, at the gym, you have a million motivation sources.

The Cons: Why gyms don’t make sense

  • It’s costly

Unfortunately, gyms don’t come for cheap. An average gym membership can cost as much as $45/month. For a six-month program, that’s around $250.


  • Distraction

Gyms are filled with so many people. Oftentimes, this can become really choking and distracting – like someone talking loudly beside you while you’re trying to focus. Or someone leaving their sweat all over the machine.

  • Not schedule-friendly

Doesn’t matter how hard you try; visiting the gym will sometimes clash with your life schedule. So, it’s a constant battle between your everyday life and your fitness goals.

  • Over-expectation

A common problem with the gym is that one can suddenly become overzealous about their ambitions and goals. When you watch others complete reps, you just want to try it even if you’re not yet at that level.

The HIGHs and the LOWs of Home Work Out

The HighsThe Lows
It is convenientEasy to make excuses
It is cheapNot enough motivation
It is flexibleMight take a while to reach goals

The Pros: Why home work out makes sense

  • Convenience: You get to do your thing when you want. For example, you could choose to work out only in the morning or when you get back from work at night. That way, there won’t be a conflict between your fitness goals and your other life goals.
  • No expenses: Working out at home doesn’t drill a hole in your purse. In fact, with the ton of materials available online, you can achieve your fitness goals without spending a dime.
  • Flexibility: At home, you can decide to do a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, mix online classes with self-taught routines, mix gaming with exercising, etc. In short, you have the liberty to do everything you want however you want it.

The Cons: Why home work out doesn’t make sense

  • Easy to make excuses: “Damn, work was stressful today. Will exercise tomorrow.” If care is not taken, such excuses might be the order of your days.
  • Not enough motivation: Regardless of how motivated and inspired you are, there is only so much you can do.
  • Takes longer to reach fitness goals: Without the right equipment, instructions, setup, and motivation, it’s going to take you longer to achieve those fitness goals.


Clearly, there’s no doubt that the gym is the best place to be for the best results. It doesn’t matter how motivated you are at home; you might still come up short with your goals.

If you have the money and can make out the time, it’s really advisable to join a gym class today.

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