Let’s talk about online games: Why men like to play

It’s not a gender stereotype anymore! Men are intrigued by online games because their brains respond to the excitement. And we can’t make this up! A recent study by a group of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine found that a part of the brain is triggered by video games in men more than women. And these gender differences might help explain why men are instantly hooked onto video games.

Women are more emotional and seek social connections. Hence, they’d rather speak to someone than play video games. On the other hand, men will play video games to take their minds off a stressful situation. Men find greater motivation in video gaming than watching movies, reading books, or listing to music.

Why Do Men Play Video Games?

There are several reasons why men love video gaming. Let’s take a look at the top reasons.

Men Like Competition

Males are naturally competitive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, men will always look for a chance to win. Video games present the perfect opportunity for a healthy competition. Hence, men will play video games for hours at a stretch without any sign of exertion.

Video Games are Fun

Video gaming has improved significantly over the years, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. More importantly, modern games are engaging and guarantee a good time. Video games are highly entertaining and can keep players occupied for hours. Most developers design games for men since they’re the primary customers.

Scope for Socializing

Gaming companies today focus on enriching forums and building stronger communities. Multiplayer games are the perfect way to socialise with fellow gaming enthusiasts. And companies like Microsoft and Sony have taken it to the next level by creating exclusive communities for Xbox and PS players.

The Side Effects of Video Games

Excessive video gaming can lead to addiction and eventually affect your life if left unchecked for extended periods. Every hobby has side effects if things get out of control, and gaming is no exception. Let’s take a look at the most common side-effects of video gaming.


Probably the most severe of all complications, gaming addiction is real and can negatively impact your life. For starters, it keeps the mind preoccupied, making it extremely difficult to focus on things that matter. Addiction causes lethargy, lack of motivation, and negligence towards family duties.

Sleep Deprivation

Excessive gaming can disrupt the usual routine and cause sleep deprivation. This, in turn, breaks the sleep cycle and affects health. This is why we don’t recommend gaming for extended periods.


While video games are entertaining, they can also be highly challenging. Getting stuck on a level can be a frustrating experience, translating into stress. Game-induced stress can spill over to your personal or professional life and spew trouble at home or the workplace.

Responsible Gaming Habits

Video gaming shares several traits with online gambling, which is why it’s popular among men, even in egalitarian countries like Norway and Netherlands. iGaming is entertaining, challenging, and addictive if left unchecked, just like video gaming.

And there are several instances of men winning and losing massive amounts overnight. Here’s a list of prominent Dutch footballers who won or lost while gambling. 

Hence, responsible gaming is crucial. Visit https://onlinecasinoes.nl/ for more information on safe gambling practices. 

Finally, video games have been associated with children for a long time. However, modern research shows otherwise. There are several positive effects of gaming if you restrict playtime. But it’s easy to lose control.

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