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The gift that keeps on giving: Steuben County keeps fruitcake tradition alive

The legend of the Steuben County fruitcake lives on.

The Christmas delicacy has been passed from one county official to another almost every year since it was purchased in 1991 by then-County Manager Mark Alger from the County Legislature chair, Lynn Morse to benefit the local Kiwanis Club.

This year’s recipient is County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall, who got it from this year’s keeper, Building and Grounds Director Eric Rose. Rose said he wanted to honor Marshall’s work in keeping the county safe from COVID-19. Marhsall conducts annual readiness drills to make sure the county is ready to respond to disasters. In 2019, well before anyone had heard of COVID-19, the drill was a simulated pandemic.

In attendance for this year’s handover was 2019 fruitcake recipient, Public Defender Shaun Sauro, who, because of the pandemic and construction work at the county office building, forgot he had it.

Marshall said “It is an honor, I think, to accept this fruitcake and carry on this tradition that has lasted 30 years. I am humbled to be part of this holiday tradition.”

So next December, when Tim Marshall appears at your office door…..

Marshall, Sauro, Rose

Shaun Sauro, Eric Rose