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ACC modifies COVID-related forfeit policy

The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced a change to its policy regarding COVID-related forfeits.

Under the new rules, a team that can’t field the minimum number of required players and/or coaches would not have to forfeit. Instead, the game would be considered “no contest.” The conference released the following statement:

“If possible, games that cannot be played as scheduled will be rescheduled. If a game cannot be played and cannot be rescheduled, it will be considered a no contest.

For men’s and women’s basketball, a team must have a roster minimum of seven available student-athletes and one countable coach to play a game. If a team does not have the requisite number of participants, and elects not to play, the game shall be a no contest. If a team has the requisite number of participants and does not participate, the game will be declared a forfeit. This policy shall be retroactive to any results beginning with the 2021 ACC winter sports schedule.”

The change was prompted in part by what was to have been a forfeit by Boston College of its mens’ basketball game against Wake Forest. Wake Forest now says it will work the BC and the ACC to reschedule the game. Recently, SU coach Jim Boeheim said 14 of his 20 players and/or managers had tested positive for COVID, but said most have few or no symptoms.