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Livingston County Development Corp. getting $500,000 in Main St. funds for Dansville

Dansville is getting a $500,000 makeover.

The state recently announced an additional $196 million to fund 488 projects from across the state. The money was awarded to agencies that took part in Round XI of the DRI initiative.

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These awards include $500,000 for the Village of Dansville from the Office of Homes & Community Renewal’s New York Main Street Program. The Livingston County Development Corporation will use the $500,000 in New York Main Street funds to assist with the rehabilitation of several buildings in downtown Dansville. Renovations will include facade restorations which will further a cohesive design plan for downtown Dansville.

Additional improvements will be made to interior commercial and residential units – some of which are to be newly created – resulting in currently vacant space being returned to a usable state, an increase in available affordable housing options, the creation and expansion of business, and therefore, the addition of jobs in Dansville’s central business district.

“Funding from the New York Main Street program has allowed us to prioritize revitalization in our Villages’ downtown districts and this award continues to build on the work we’ve been doing for over a decade,” says Director of Economic Development, Bill Bacon. “We sincerely appreciate the recognition and confidence in our program by the team at Homes and Community Renewal and will look to illustrate that their funding remains so important to our County,” says Bacon.

Livingston County Economic Development is committed to transformative revitalization that preserves and enhances the charm and character of the communities of Livingston County. These renovations will attract new visitors and boost the quality of life in the region by creating unique spaces for new and expanding businesses.

For more information, visit or contact Livingston County Economic Development at 585-243-7124.