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Do these 4 things to increase your property value and get a buyer fast

Selling a property is no walk-in the park because of the number of things you have to prepare. Firstly, you have to prepare your mind and heart for the process, then you must ready your pocket for all the changes you may need to make. Some are small, some are large – how you want to prepare your home for the market will determine which way it will go. Things like repainting it, doing some landscaping, or building an entertainment area will go a long way to increase its value.

So we have exactly 4 things you can do to increase your property value and get a buyer fast. There are plenty of other ways but these are the ones we know will give you a fighting chance. Read on.

  1. Do some landscaping

Whether you are doing the landscaping yourself or hiring the pros, make sure to get your garden and whole yard looking right. If you have bushes that need pruning, a lawn that needs manicuring, or flowers that need watering – make sure to get it all done. Humans are visual creatures, therefore if we like what we see and it’s beautiful, we are more likely to be drawn to it. The better your outside looks, the more likely you are to draw people in and sell them on the inside too.

  1. Make your home energy efficient

Eco-friendly features are advised as they are easier on the environment and making your home energy efficient will certainly attract potential buyers. This also translates to utility bills being generally less as well, thus making your property economic – a very attractive aspect to property buyers.

  1. Build an entertainment area

This increases your property’s value because it shows potential buyers a separate space in the home they can host their family and friends. It also adds an overall visually pleasing aesthetic to the home. When we like what we see, we are more likely to invest in it. Also, an entertainment area shows buyers the potential of the kind of soirees they can host in your home once it’s theirs.

When you are showing the house, try to bring this area to life for your potential buyers. Take a Publix weekly ad sneak peek for ready-made food like the Publix Deli Crispy Chicken Tender Bacon Sandwich at $2,99 or Nathan’s Famous Bagel Dogs at $6,99 to feed your guests from the entertainment area. Keep their imagination running as you talk about what else you could serve from the entertainment area and let them envision themselves in the space while serving their own guests.

  1. Do general maintenance

If you have creaking doors or floors – fix them. Replace burnt-out lights, repaint walls where a new coat is needed and install new windows or other parts that need it. This will attract potential buyers because it shows that you are taking care of the property. A well-cared-for home is an attractive one. This must not be overlooked.

There are other ways to consider as well like putting a mirror in your hallway in the property or upgrading the appliances in the kitchen and modernizing your bathroom. This will all go a long way in getting you a quick sell.

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