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Free agent Anthony Rizzo ‘really enjoyed’ playing with Yankees last season

It sure sounds like Anthony Rizzo is down to return to the Bronx for 2022 and beyond.

Rizzo spoke with his former Chicago Cubs teammate Ian Happ on Jomboy Media’s Compound Podcast, and spoke highly of his time with the Yankees.

“The time in New York was great. We loved it,” Rizzo said. “We lived in the Upper West Side. Lived near (Central Park). Took Kevin (his dog) to the park pretty much every day in the morning, a nice stroll through Central Park. Got to basically live in the city for two or three months and enjoy New York City for those two or three months and then playing baseball for the Yankees, it was a good time. We really enjoyed it…

“You put that uniform on for the first time, it’s definitely special. … There’s only a few jerseys around this league that when you put them on, it’s different, and the Yankees are definitely one of them.”

Rizzo is reportedly “quite eager” to return to the Yankees, and the Yankees have had contact with Rizzo’s agent.

But he was in no rush to sign before the lockout, as he remains a free agent.

“It was fun getting the calls and hearing what teams had to say and why they want me and why I’m a good fit. But at the end of it, the right sort of deals didn’t come to fruition at the deadline and now you just sit and wait,” he said.

Rizzo immediately became a fan favorite when he went deep in each of his first two games as a Yankee. He slashed .249/.340/.428 with the Yankees and hit a home run in the AL Wild Card Game against the Boston Red Sox.