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Hochul says hospital measures are working, capacity starting to open up in troubled regions

The same day Governor Kathy Hochul moved methodically through an awkward press conference regarding her statewide mask mandate, which was only optional at the county-level, she called measures at busy hospitals a success.

Hochul indicated that while it’s still early- there are signs that the policies pausing elective surgeries at hospitals with 10% or less capacity left is working.

“People self-resolving at home is one situation, but when they start putting stress on our already exhausted health care system, this has been a long grueling two years, and anything we can do to help relieve that pressure cooker is one of my top priorities,” Hochul said during the press conference.

She indicated that all measures- including the elective surgery pause and mask policy were ‘temporary’. Hochul pointed to Western New York and the Finger Lakes regions as those where beds are starting to open up thanks to the elective pause.