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If you get a letter about a $300 payment, don’t throw it away, it isn’t a scam

Make sure if you’re a resident in Santa Ana, California, you’re checking your mail for a letter that notifies you of a payment coming.

Letters were sent to residents eligible for the $300 payments going out to low income families in the city.

Many residents are having their payments delivered right to their door, while others are being sent a notification through the mail.

20,000 cards are being given out by hand delivery or by being picked up by residents receiving letters.

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This means you may need to watch your mail to see if you qualify, and if you do get that letter, it isn’t a scam.

Who can get the $300 payments?

The payments are being given out as part of the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program.

They’re on prepaid Visa debit cards.

The cards started being delivered by hand on Dec. 4.

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2,700 payments have been given out, and 17,300 remain.

In order to receive a payment, you must be in a rental unit and above the poverty rate of the Santa Ana median of 42%.

While these payments go out to certain residents, the California Golden Stimulus II payments continue.

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Around 800,000 were recently sent out and will continue to go out until Dec. 17. These are for the areas with zip codes ending in 585-719.

The payments will continue until Jan. 11, 2022 when all areas have received their checks.

The checks are worth $600-$1,100.

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