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Why artificial Christmas trees are getting more popular than real ones

According to researchers and Google Trends stats, the popularity of artificial Christmas trees increases constantly. It is a tradition for most families to purchase a real Xmas tree and install it in their houses before the festive period. Most families spent time together picking a tree and decorating it. Nevertheless, in the last five years, consumers started buying more synthetic Christmas trees. It’s an interesting trend because real trees are cheaper and have a great smell. However, what reasons can outweigh the benefits that real trees bring? Let’s take a deeper dive into the reasons that force people to choose unnatural Christmas trees over real ones.

Environmental Reason

These days, a lot of people are concerned about environmental problems. There are a lot of global problems that will affect every person on the planet. Deforestation is one of the main ones. Unfortunately, there is no environmentally-friendly material that can replace paper. Therefore, recent research says that people cut down an area of forests similar to a football pitch every second globally. The demand for fresh Xmas trees forces the industry to cut more trees. To save trees that produce oxygen that all people need, many consumers decide to stop purchasing authentic Xmas trees and replace them with synthetic ones.

Fake Xmas tree trees are assembled from plastic that harms the surroundings if it is not recycled properly. However, people use artificial Xmas trees for many years, so they don’t waste a new plastic tree every year. Since fake trees look perfect for many years, they are a cost-effective investment in the long run. So, in case you’re an undergraduate who always looks for the best deals by reading the essay writing services review when ordering papers online because of a tight budget, consider buying a plastic three. It’s a one-time purchase that will erase the need to spend money buying a real Xmas tree, which will positively affect your budget in the next few years.

They Become More Attractive

The technology improves constantly. Ten years ago, the manufacturers couldn’t make fake trees that looked as good as real ones. Instead, most of them looked like cheap replacements for a real Christmas tree, despite being more expensive. Nevertheless, these days, many manufacturers create artificial Christmas trees that look identical to original ones. Moreover, they can produce different types of synthetic Christmas trees of various designs.

For example, when consumers purchase authentic Xmas tree trees, they are usually limited by the trees that grow in their area. However, when consumers decide to purchase an artificial tree, they have a lot of different variations to choose from. They can buy any Christmas tree that is made of synthetic but looks like a real one. Moreover, they can buy artificial trees that are decorated with artificial snow, which looks more attractive.

They Need No Maintenance

The main problem with original Xmas trees is that they should be purchased, delivered, and installed every year. After the end of the festive period, they have to waste. It needs people to hassle a lot with bringing the main attribute of winter holidays every year. On the contrary, unnatural Christmas trees can be easily assembled from different parts. When the three are not needed to decorate a house, their parts can be stored in a box in the attic.

Also, real trees need to be maintained. Pine needles fall off constantly because a tree is cut off, and the tree cannot nurture them. Having a real tree in your living room, you will likely be required to remove the fallen needles daily. On the other hand, if you’re a student who prefers reading reviews to not hassle with your homework to writers but keep yourself safe from scammers, a synthetic Christmas tree is the right pick for you. Substitute needles don’t fall by themselves. Therefore, you won’t be required to hassle with cleaning your house from fallen needles daily.

Fake Trees are Safer

Even though Xmas trees deliver a celebratory atmosphere, they also bring danger to houses. The problem is that cut trees have thin branches and needles that get dry fast. Most people decorate their trees with light strings that are powered by electricity. Even a little damage to a wire that a large number of reasons may cause can bring fire. The wires’ damages can be caused by pets or careless installation. Dry trees start firing fast, which is a reason for a large number of deadly accidents. Plastic also isn’t a safe material that can withstand fire. Moreover, it releases poisonous smoke when burning. However, most manufacturers cover substitute Xmas trees with an additional layer that keeps them safe from fire. Therefore, plastic trees are much safer than real ones, which is an important factor for many people.

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