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‘MINOR INCONVENIENCE’: Officials talk fire hydrants that didn’t work at Destiny USA this week

Privately owned fire hydrants were the issue when firefighters were called to a reported roof fire at Destiny USA this week.

CNYCentral reports that two of the hydrants that did not work were privately owned.

First responders said at the time that the situation could have been worse if the fire were more serious. The roof fire, which was contained to the area of the building where the Cheesecake Factory is located, was at a busy portion of the shopping center.

“Minor inconvenience is how I would describe it,” said Syracuse Deputy Fire Chief John Kane. “We were able to find a different hydrant and get connected to that and find sufficient water flow.”

The City of Syracuse has over 5,000 fire hydrants.

After this week’s fire, Kane is convinced that the issue won’t arise again.

Destiny USA closed due to fire: Firefighters say not all shoppers evacuated, fire hydrants didn’t work initially