Are you getting the December child tax credit payment? You may need to pay it back

Millions of families have received the monthly advanced child tax credit payments this year.

Under the American Rescue Act, the amount parents could claim was expanded and half of the credit was paid in advance.

Millions of children rose above the poverty line thanks to these payments. Unfortunately, there may be situations where parents need to pay these credits back.

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The payments were made based on filers 2020 and 2019 tax returns.

If there was a change in 2021, like an increase of income, then a taxpayer may not be entitled to as much as the IRS believes.

If that’s the case, in 2022 when parents file their taxes, they may need to pay that money back.

Many parents chose to opt out of the payments entirely or do not receive some of them.

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This way if they were being given to much, by not accepting it they won’t be forced to pay it back.

Other reasons you may end up paying the payments back is due to divorce, a change in custody, or a child aging out.

Children under age 6 were given $300 per month and children ages 6-17 were given $250 per month.

These payments were given starting in July every month, with the final one this month on Dec. 15.

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