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Refuse to get vaccinated? These states are offering unemployment for refusal to get the vaccine

Employers across the nation are telling their employees if they refuse the COVID-19 vaccine they would face termination.

The daily average remains around 80,000 for the United States and the Omicron variant is emerging. As this happens, some states are offering unemployment to their residents who refuse the vaccine.

Over 70% of Americans have had at least one dose of the vaccine.

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Around 30% are still avoiding it.

New York state is one state that’s enforced a mandate that stops those refusing the vaccine to use that as a reason for collecting unemployment.

Other states are allowing unvaccinated people to collect unemployment.

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These 4 states will allow you to collect unemployment if you’re fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine

Iowa passed a bill that was agreed upon in a bipartisan way.

This bill would extend unemployment benefits for those that aren’t vaccinated against the virus.

The bill also allows for medical and religious vaccine exemptions for workers.

Governor Kim Reynolds says the bill reassures workers that they can still get unemployment benefits even if it’s for standing up for their beliefs.

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Florida passed various measures in Nov. that disallows vaccine mandates.

Employees may cite religious, pregnancy-related, or medical concerns as a reason to not get the vaccine.

Unemployment insurance was also expanded to unvaccinated workers.

If employers violate these laws they can see fines worth up to $50,000.

Kansas passed a law to protect those against vaccination.

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It allows workers to claim religious exemptions.

Anyone fired for refusal of the vaccine can get unemployment benefits.

These workers are eligible for benefits if they choose to not accept employment requiring the vaccine.

Tennessee expanded unemployment for residents fired for refusing to get the vaccine.

Private businesses and schools in Tennessee may not mandate proof of vaccination.